Our server!

If you wish to go to our server and test us. (by building in it and seeing if we can grief it) Please go to the following ip: We won’t cheat. If you put a sign outside your house saying “Teaminsanity.wordpress.com” we wont hurt you.


Our rules!

1.We will never destroy a house that says, in these exact words, “TeamInsanity.wordpress.com is an awesome site.” If it says that we won’t grief you.

2. If you ban one of us we will get revenge. We have many undercover people who will kill if you ban us.

3. We will destroy any mean admin’s server.

4. Anyone world who bans WND_Newbe_21 from there server will be protected against us.

5. If we like your server we will not hurt it and maybe hang out there for a while.