We got on this server to find no admins or mods on. The whole world was unprotected so we decided to do some griefing eventually we went crazy. The entire place was destroyed. Pictures galore.

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8 responses to “Tempcraft.net

    • The spawn is what everybody sees. Other places are only seen by certain people. We don’t care if people care about the server because It works the same. I have 80 views for my blog in one day! More views than ever.

      • plus guess what its not a dead server i went on the day before we griefed it and there was like 80 people on

  1. I guess I should thank you for providing proof to the moron I put in charge about how bad all his decisions have been.

    I think he’s still blissfully unaware of why the server is now empty, and that he is the laughing stock of an entire community (again).

    Ah well.

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