We got on this server to find no admins or mods on. The whole world was unprotected so we decided to do some griefing eventually we went crazy. The entire place was destroyed. Pictures galore.

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Team Insanity Members



Members: Danduman98, Prodigy87, Zebralord203, Egroff, and Cheeseobomb.
Don’t try to ban us we have backup.
You think I would post all of our members here?
well you are wrong.


This server was fun to¬† destroy. When Team Insanities leader, 47percent was banned after tearing apart several houses, we all decided to get revenge. We found the admin’s house who banned him and filled it with crafting boxes and furnaces. After another person in our group was banned we flooded the house with water and ice. We also tore huge walls in the house. Not much is left. Team Insanity!